Our Speech Pathologists provide individual assessment and treatment for children and adults who may have difficulties with language development, speech development, swallowing, stuttering, voice, and literacy.


Our Speech pathologists at Let’s Speech are Certified Practicing Speech Pathologists and 

registered members with Speech Pathology Australia. 


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Let’s Speech provides speech pathology and special needs services in both Arabic and English for clients ranging new borns to elderly and everything in between.

We believe that each individual is unique therefore, we tailor intervention to the specific interests of our clients to encourage engagement and foster success.


We are passionate about our services being an enjoyable process for all involved individuals.

Let's Speech is dedicated to helping clients with communication difficulties including stuttering, articulation, literacy, expressive language, receptive language, social communication, and accent modification.

Elderly Home Visits
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Assessment and Evaluation
An assessment session must be completed for all new clients. It lasts for 60 minutes
Workshops and Trainings
Interactive hands-on workshops to support and train parents, teachers, caregivers, and health professionals
Individual Follow up Sessions
Follow up sessions using Individualised Treatment Plans
Group Support Sessions
Group sessions are highly recommended for more effective outcomes 
Online Learning
Providing the best therapeutic services online for all ages using the latest and most secure methods
Speech therapy
Research and Evidence - Based Practice
At Let's Speech, we participate and continue to research the best available research - based interventions for our clients 

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